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Street Photography

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Street photography is dynamic and all instinctive. It has blown up over the last decade and everywhere there’s a city there’s a few individuals out with their cameras finding something to shoot. Street photography is of significant social importance. Through the lens, the street photographer catches stories that are happening on the street, highlighting novel and meaningful aspects.

If you just starting out, here’s 7 tips on how to improve your street photography:

1.Let your creativity flow

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to shooting street photographs. Be creative as you can and play around with different kits and themes. Different lenses can bring out a different aspect which results in a unique output. Different themes, like shooting in black and white, or focusing on people or in different locations, can help you find what works for you.

2. Learn and find inspiration from others

This is crucial. Follow professional photography accounts. Subscribe to trusted blogs or magazines in the industry. Both will educate you as an aspiring photographer and help you identify what is popular and what resonates with you. The internet is a compelling resource that can aid you in improving your ability to shoot exceptional photos. If you are old school, head down to the library and look for books on photography. You can slowly page through all the stunning images and observe how each was captured.

3.Find a spot and perfect it

It is highly beneficial to find an area or particular subject and keep working at it over time. With each shot you take, you will notice the finer details. With each revisit, you will know what worked previously and build onto that. You will be surprised by how much better the image can be through repetition. We’ve seen far too many photographers take a single photo of a subject or area and walk away. Tell a story. Work the scene.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

-Napoleon Hill

4.Try shooting alone

Street photography isn’t necessarily a dangerous sport - so be brave enough to try it on your own. If you go in a group, you all quickly start to capture the same things, and it is harder to spend time focusing on what makes you unique. Other photographers can hold you back, especially if it a big group. So try heading out alone. This will give you the opportunity to take photos without pressure or judgement.

5.It’s not only about people

Street photography is more than just capturing a man holding a newspaper or a couple walking over a bridge. Street photography can include everyday things that make the culture or community candid. Capture things that street signs, parked cars, trees, smoke, and everything else that stands out.

6.Spend more time editing

This is a serious transgression we see amateur photographers make. They slap on a preset and post. That is a missed opportunity and something that can underwhelm how much of an impact your photographs make. Take the time out to touch up the small things. Should you add grain? Does the image need a gradient? Should I add more contrast? Or is there too much? Edit thoroughly. Don’t rush.

7. Put in the time

Like every other profession or pastime, you need to invest in yourself to practise and continue pursuing it. To become a really great street photographer takes time. Remember to give yourself enough time to work on what you enjoy and don’t stop until you’re fully satisfied with your results.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

-Ansel Adams

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